Why Sushi ken?

Sushi Ken Ethics           

Throughout the last 8 years Sushi Ken and It’s branches had worked hard and honestly. As 100% Mexican company and adhering to the laws of the country, has stablished itself very well in the market as one of the casual Japanese food restaurants with flavors typical of this asian country and taking the best Mexican products.

Experience Sushi Ken           

All of us at Sushi Ken are convenced that we must first achieve the customer satisfaction providing and excelente care and service.

Free preservatives food, fresh and natural, high quality ingredients and very delicious at reasonably prices. That was the initial idea when we start this project in August 2001 until today. With a room of 12 square meters in Plaza Las Palmas, Cancun, operated by 3 people.

With a great acceptance by Japanese food lovers and our affordable prices compared to other restaurants of the same item, we was able to open the first restaurant in late 2002, also in Plaza Las Palmas, which fits very well 40 people in an area of 45 square meters and has a very comfortable terrace.

By May 2003, we open a third branch located at Kohunlich Ave. with a capacity of 50 people in a 60 square meters area.

In February 2004 we open a Delivery Spot also called Sushi ken Express located at Playa Chica Ote St. And Palenque Ave. which helped to position the brand on the market and gave us the opportunity to centralize the delivery service, operating 10 motorcycles for Cancun and 3 motorcycles for Playa del Carmen.

Also in 2004, we opened a branch in Playa del Carmen on 22nd North St., a half block from the 5th. Ave. The demand and well acceptance in this new branch we forced to move this location to be more centralized and larger, this location was on 10th. St. across from the Plaza 28 de Julio, in downtown Playa del Carmen. The brand was growing and demanding more and more from our customers, so we moved again this branch to the 10th Av. near famous 12th St. Corne, next to Coco Bongo, in the heart of Playa del Carmen with an area of 150 m2 to accommodate 90 guests and with 6 tables of Teppan-yaki, here we have a beautiful terrace and a unique ambience.

Our youngest branch was opened in 2008, located in Plazas Outlet, Cancun, with an area of 60 m2 serving 50 people, this branch also has a terrace that allows us to enjoy what is happening in the main corridor of this mall.

Sushi Ken has no affiliates or business partners and we respond only under the name of Sushi Ken. Currently we are only located in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Today the team at Sushi Ken has more than 100 employees and with our team we can serve and delight to more than 1,000 customers at day.

SUSHI KEN does not sell food, we provide the opportunity for casual living, which would bring a wealth of pleasant experiences to customers through the only art that actually feeds in a warm and casual which invites to share with family, friends, clients that help relieve the tensions that are formed during the day.